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Hail and well-met weary traveller, I see you have found the Chronicler Map Archive, a place where exalted storytellers roam. Fear not, they are not lost and neither are you. Whether you’re searching for a specific map, or simply looking for a pinch of inspiration, all wanderers are welcome.

This section of Patreon is aimed at making dungeon master life as easy as possible, and, whilst many navigational tools such as tags and filters are already available, it can be a pain to navigate well, or without some frustration. I hope this starter post will cut out some of the legwork for you, and when I say starter, this is because as the number of maps continues to grow, they will one day outgrow this post. At that point, I will break each section down into subsections in the form of new posts linked from this one.

I also have a link in bio which takes a snapshot of all my Instagram map posts, this website is purely visual compared to below, simply click any photo to head straight to the post, go HERE to find out more…

If I have missed a map or you have any suggestions please make sure to message me on Discord. For now, please enjoy the plethora of maps I currently have available!


These maps are very different from the rest of the maps available below in that all geomorph maps can be used alongside each other, creating an ever-growing collection of interchangeable dungeon maps. Aside from starter packs and add-ons, these will be split into sub-sections where possible.

More options may be introduced at a later date but currently, you will find all geomorph maps labelled as End Pieces (single route), Straight Pieces (end to end double path), Corner Pieces (90-degree double path), T-section Pieces (three directional paths) and Crossroad Pieces (all directions).

Geomorph Starter Pack (Original & Dark)

Geomorph Starter Pack (Aquatic Version)

Geomorph Starter Pack (Underdark Version)C2A0


Whether you need an abandoned path or a derelict forest road, most of these maps will be suitable for a quick encounter map while yourC2A0player party is on the road.

Bloodclaw BridgeC2A0

Bloodclaw Bridge (Colour Version)C2A0

Grungan Swamps – Dark Mode

Trinkets Path Spring (Colour) [2 Maps]

Trinkets Path – Dark Mode [2 Maps]

Wyrmwood Junction Spring (Colour)

Wyrmwood Junction – Dark Mode


These maps are similar to the open roads and forest maps but feature more rural options, a quaint cabin or an abandoned temple atop a hill. C2A0Again, most of these maps will be suitable for a quick encounter map while yourC2A0player party is on the road.

Camp of Forsaken Souls (Colour)

Camp of Forsaken Souls – Dark Mode

Scorned Chapel of Jasidin (Light & Dark Versions)

Scorned Chapel of Jasidin (Colour & Barren Versions)C2A0

Temple Ruin (Colour Version)

Temple Ruin – Dark Mode

Woodsman’s Cabin

Woodsman’s Cabin – Refurbished (Dark and Light)C2A0

Woodsman’s Cabin – Refurbished (Colour)C2A0


These maps are situated in open urban or rural areas of a city or town. Your players won’t only encounter challenges out on the open road. Perhaps a chase through the city led them to a confrontation at the docks or the market.

Dockyard Market (Colour)

Dockyard Market – Dark Mode

Marquee Marketplace (Light and Dark Rural/Urban Versions)C2A0

Marquee Marketplace (Colour Urban Version)

Marquee Marketplace (Spring Rural Version)C2A0

Marquee Marketplace (Desert Rural Version)C2A0


Whether you need a library, homestead or wine cellar, these maps are better suited in a city or town in a rural or urban living environment. Most of these maps are best for quick encounters but several are also a little larger should you need a longer-lasting map. C2A0

Abandoned Shack of Layora

Abandoned Shack of Layora – Variant LayoutC2A0

House of Yves – Dark ModeC2A0

Mage Tower: Free VersionC2A0

Mage Tower: Library of OfandrusC2A0

Mage Tower: Unfurnished VariantsC2A0

Mocardo’s Wine Cellar – Dark ModeC2A0

Schnell’s Keep – Dark ModeC2A0

Skullduggery Battle Arena (My Logo as a Battlemap)C2A0

Skullduggery Battle Arena (Angry Version including Map Assets)C2A0

Sunset Point – Dark Mode


These maps are situated inside abandoned ruins, dungeons, temples, lairs or something similar. Most of these maps are suitable for a quick encounter, but many are much larger than your average one-shot and would be better suited to a longer dungeon crawl campaign. For example, the Nakila’s Crypt maps kept my players busy for nearly half a year (two sessions a month).

Abandoned Temple of Laldilir – Dark Mode

Dicing with Dungeons v1.0 [Free Map]C2A0

Dicing with Dungeons v12E8 [Free Map]C2A0

Dwarven Forge Ruin [Free Map]C2A0

Mithlonde Ruins – Dark Mode [3 Maps]

Mithlonde Ruins: Shroomified EditionC2A0

NakilaE28099s Crypt – Light Version [15 Maps]

NakilaE28099s Crypt – Dark Version [15 Maps]

Temple of SinC2A0[Inspired by Untoldtalltales IG Post]

Temple of Zashaad – Dark Mode

Tomb of Xulgroth [One-Shot Adventure]C2A0

Tower of Norn – Dark Mode

Vault of Hjolmir – Dark Mode [2 Maps]

Vault of Hjolmir Remastered (Light and Dark Versions) [2 Maps]C2A0

Vault of Hjolmir Remastered (Desert and Aquatic Versions) [2 Maps]C2A0

Vault of Hjolmir Remastered (Underdark and Venom Versions) [2 Maps]C2A0

Xanikul’s Tower – Dark Mode


Whether you need an intricate network of cavernous tunnels or a small hollow, these maps are similar to the indoor dungeons and hidden lairs maps but tend to be more natural in appearance and style. Again, most of these maps are suitable for a quick encounter, but many are better suited to a longer dungeon crawl campaign. For example, the Grungan Tree maps kept my players busy for several sessions (this links very well with the Grungan Swamp maps found in the outdoor wilderness open roads / forests section towards the top of this post).

Gloomglow Cavern Map (Light & Dark)

Gloomglow Cavern Map (Colour Version)

Gloomglow Cavern Map (Aquatic Version)

Grungan Tree – Dark Mode [4 Maps]

Lakeside Hollow – Dark Mode

Lorttarm’s Bandit Hideout – Dark Mode [2 Maps]

Strakhawk Crag – Dark Mode


It is less common to see me do a regional or world map, but I do dabble in them now and again. When I do, I will be sure to share both labelled and unlabelled versions for you to use in your own worlds.

Roiskia – Labelled and Unlabelled