Cliff Trail (27×36)

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Hey everyone! Let me present to you the Town of Iliseya, the first map for the Mountain theme.

The cliffs on the Knurd shore are high and dangerous. Old trails are carved out along them, though some are in disrepair. You may travel along them for hours, only to find the path collapsed with no way across. Other trails lead further up, and might wind around to the other side, but maybe they’ll just lead to other dead ends.C2A0

The Knurd cliffs in the northern shores of Wordal are believed to contain the lairs of long dead dragons and other monsters. To find these you’ll need to traverse dangerous path though harsh weather and freezing temperatures. Even then it is unknown where these lairs would be. Their mere existence in based entirely of rumors and old stories.

Released under CC BY-NC 4.0 license.

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