Gruuk Jit’Jit 08 – The Elves

Hey all, and welcome back to Gruuk Jit’Jit! Today we’re looking at the elven part of town, a district left relatively unharmed by the original blast. This is the “nicest” part of the city (if you’re going off of stuffy elven standards), and I think it’ll be extra useful for those of you who like to cherry-pick maps to use for other encounters. Let’s dive in!

Borough Guide

As expected, this guide deeply explores the elves of Gruuk Jit’Jit, their origins, their hidden motivations, and their hydroponic laborers union. The NEHLU is not an ordinary faction, as their stated aims are so drastically at odds with what they’re really planning. Meanwhile, the vile mage Casellias Elliren is planning something even more devious. This plot hook will finally have your party kicking the crap out of some evil elven spellcasters. Hell yeah!


You’d be forgiven for barely recognizing the goblin influence on this map. This is the elven district, and so manicured lawns, perfectly maintained streets, and… well, undestroyed houses is the name o f the game. At the end of the cul-de-sac is the linchpin of the NEHLU’s schemes: the hydroponic greenhouse.C2A0

This beautiful greenhouse map will liven up any adventure. Patrons at the Chief Courier tier gain access to the interior of the greenhouse, as well ast the catwalks above. If you like beautiful combat arenas with lots of verticality, this map should be a blast.


Peaceful elven harp music with a hint of snobbery? Of course. “As Light Trinkles Into the Greenhouse” is that classic sort of fantasy elven sound, part renaissance, part ethereal majesty. This music should sit squarely at odds with the rest of the music in Gruuk Jit’Jit, and for good reason! This part of town is really the outlier. Of course, when your party descends beneath the Greenhouse, that’s when shit gets real. Put on the creepy “Dungeon” variant for slinking and sleuthing in Casellias’s lair.

And what’s this? You get a bonus track! “Claim the Fire (Sunrise)” is almost cloyingly sweet, a new variant of the raucous goblin tune from Gruuk Jit’Jit 01. Put this on either for perfect mornings at the outset of your quest, or “ironically” before something extremely bad happens.

Casellias’s Lair | Collaboration with The Goblin Explorer

Our buddy Matt aka The Goblin Explorer has an entire Patreon for creating an endless dungeon, which is (as of this post!) 84 layers deep. And well, his name is The Goblin Explorer. There is 0 chance we were going to release all of Gruuk Jit’Jit without working with him. This map of his fits in just beneath the greenhouse. It is the lair of the wicked mage Casellias Elliren. It’s also got a tangle of goblin tunnels stretching out beyond it, perfect for those of you with parties who like to explore caves and hidden passageways.C2A0

Matt has made an incredible amount of maps, each ripe for spelunking. Every Tuesday a new battlemap, going forever deeper, fully detailed and ready to play featuring full FoundryVTT/E+ support and plenty of assets, awesome adventures, music tracks and more to make your crawl unforgettable. Go check out The Goblin Explorer on Patreon!