SIDEQUEST Issue 16 Preview

SIDEQUEST is the monthly RPG magazine focused on providing you with usable 5e compatible material, as well as articles to inspire your creativity, and it’s packed with options for GMs and players alike.

Greetings gamers and welcome to the preview for issue 16 of SIDEQUEST magazine.

We’ve got another jam packed issue for you this month.C2A0

Inside you’ll find;C2A0

The Gemsea Caves

Amber Willmott brings us a new fantastic location, the Gemsea Caves, a place of wonder and valuable jewels, but not without its share of danger.

Moki’s Menagerie

Bridgette Redman brings us MokiE28099s Menagerie for all of those players who want an interesting new pet.C2A0

Steelsoul Sorcerous Origin

For those sorcerer players who want to get up close and personal, Leonardo Andrade has you covered with the Steelsoul sorcerous origin.C2A0

The Blemmyes

And finally, Ben Doherty brings us the Blemmyes, a grotesque new fiend with new artwork from Hokunin2EC2A0



How do I get SIDEQUEST?

SIDEQUEST issue 16 will be available to patrons at the $5 tier and above throughout the month. After that it will be available to $10 patrons as well as on DrivethruRPG and the Icarus Games website as a single issue.

How Often Will Issues Be Released

SIDEQUEST is released monthly.

Will the PDF be Bookmarked?

Yes! Every issue has embeded bookmarks on each article to make navigation easier. There is a contents page that is linked to each article, a sidebar for quick navigation, and all the page numbers take you back to the contents page, making navigation on any device a breeze!

I missed the previous issues, can I still get them?

If you missed out on subscribing to this Patreon during pervious months, don’t worry, you can pick up back issues on the Icarus Games website

You can also be able to purchase individual copies on DrivethruRPG.

Check it out!