The Morgue

Battle Map Dimensions – [15 x 12]

Image resolution – 3000 x 2400 (200 DPI)

Grid size – 5 ft

Hey all! Time for another map drop! This time, we have a cyberpunk morgue.C2A0

This morgue encounter map is perfect for setting up that murder investigation scene or a host of other scenarios.C2A0

I really liked the mood/atmosphere from the Ripperdoc Clinic and so I tried to replicate it here (successfully, I think). You guys should be able to pair this map with the clinic and imagine the morgue and clinic as being part of a larger facility.C2A0

My Life Update

To those of you who aren’t part of the Discord group and don’t yet know, I am currently in the process of relocating from Victoria to South Australia (Adelaide).C2A0

Long story short, it has been a tiresome three weeks of packing and unpacking but I’m getting there. The white goods have just arrived today and I was only able to set up my drawing desk this evening. This morgue map was drawn entirely on my iPad Pro.C2A0

I am excited to be able to create the next battle map in a brand new work space and environment!C2A0

For those who are interested, here is a photo of Adelaide. I grew up here and it’s a quieter/smaller city. It is chilled-out, relaxed. The perfect environment for me to focus on map art.C2A0

The Morgue Battle Map Variants

Here is a breakdown of the map variants for The Morgue.C2A0

Opened Cold Lockers

This variant has two cold lockers opened to simulate either your players investigating the area. Or they could arrive at the scene to find the cold lockers open and empty. Black market body snatchers?C2A0

Post Autopsy

This tiled variant includes a dead body covered in a white sheet on one of the autopsy tables.C2A0

John Doe

Another tiled variant with one opened cold locker with a mysterious dead body inside it.C2A0

The Feast

The players arrive to discover a gruesome scene. A mangled, half devoured corpse lies on one of the autopsy tables. Upon closer inspection, the players discover bloody handprints on the table. What, or who could have done this?

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  • “John Doe” (tile + baked map)
  • “The Feast” (tile + baked map)

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I’d like to give a shoutout to all my Patreon supporters. Without their support, I would not be able to create battle maps on a full-time basis to produce maps just like this one. So thank you all!C2A0

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