Winter Trail / Clearing / Lake

**An icy wind whistles through the pines blanketed in powder white snow. The frigid air bites deep, but in the distance, an inviting glow emanates from a cabin nestled amongst the trees, providing a welcome respite…**

A new 30×40 Winter Encounter map has been released! The Winter Trail. Glistening snow blankets the maze of trees and the Hunters Cabin could offer a welcome place to rest, but is its lone inhabitant taking visitors?C2A0

We’ve included a whole host of variants and tiles for this map. A full frozen lake and a large clearing should mean the map can be used multiple times! Each has unique tiles, offering even more variety!C2A0

Maybe the hunters’ cabin has long since been abandoned, or a small clearing could offer a place to rest. Or a pine comes crashing down, blocking the path. While the clearing could open out, revealing the snow covered resting place of gargantuan bones or a lonely graveyard with a mausoleum dedicated to a fallen hero. Lastly, on the lake, an island in the center of the frozen lake has a statue holding aloft a powerful weapon. But watch out in case the ice cracks underfoot…

Overlay Tiles preview

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