Cross-promotion with Great Grimoire!

Greetings Heroes!

This month we have a cross-promotion with our friends from Great Grimoire who will be adding a model to join our September release.

All our patrons from “Local Hero” Tier and up will get The Underground Monstrosity as an extra miniature!

You will find the miniature files in this month’s Promotion Folder in the SYNC Drive.
Link in the Pinned post.C2A0

They’ve also given us a discount code to use on their MyMiniFactory store!C2A0

Use the code SeptGG40 for 40% off of their minis until the end of the month!

HereE28099s a greeting message from them:

E2809CWelcome to Great Grimoire! Are you in love with dark fantasy, twisted fairy tales, gothic horror? Do you appreciate a unique take on familiar themes? Then check out Great Grimoire Patreon. We’re creating exclusive 3D printable miniatures for your own tabletop games, miniature painting or printing in big scale for displayE2809D.



E280A2 Welcome Pack;

E280A2 Monthly pack (a Set of exclusive 3D printable miniatures that expire at the end of the month);

E280A2 Bonus busts:
E280A2 Access to Loyalty program (loyality rewards, patrons goals);
E280A2 50% discount in our MMF store;

E280A2 Access to collaborations with other amazingly talented patreons;
E280A2 Access to community events, public polls, Discord and contests;

This monthE28099s theme is E2809CLodge of the Dark ArtsE2809D. Most of the models are already available!

Check it out!