Mountain Logging Camp

Hey everyone!

This is one of those ideas that’s been in our head for years and just never really got around to being created until now. We wanted to create this multi-tiered camp where workers were getting around using winches and old wooden lifts and then sending the trees back to town using the flow of the river and aquaducts.

We hope you have lots of fun battles fighting archers on the higher levels, fighting your way across the series of lifts and bridges.

We wanted to say a big thank you to all the people who supported our Borough Bound project after the recent collaboration and left nice messages for us. 🙂

And thank you everyone for your enduring support of me and Peku, it really means a lot to both of us. It’s always great knowing our maps have been part of so many campaigns.

In other news, we’ve been given a promo code by the kind folks over at dScryb! The code is CZEPEKU. It’s free for everyone to use and gets you 2 weeks at their Hero tier subscription. Just use the code at checkout.

A selection of our maps is available at dScryb, here’s a few examples:

Serene Lakeside: C2A0
Temple of the Couatl: Necropolis Entrance:

For transparency, we don’t benefit from people using the code or not. 🙂 It’s just there for people who want to try out dScryb. It’s a great service for those who want help with that side of being a DM.