Port Kalgyx: Extortion on the Highest Sea

Port Kalgyx is Garm’s space-fantasy adventure/setting on the Astral Sea, made to compliment the Starlight Arcana supplement Kickstarter. More details inside!

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Port Kalgyx: Extortion on the Highest Sea is an adventure for 5e set in the Astral Sea. Does your campaign feature a realm like this? The article that follows is designed to help you flesh it out.

In C2A0an obscure corner of the Astral Sea sits a mid-sized island, and on C2A0that island sits Port Kalgyx. Once a waystation for some forgotten C2A0faction, Port Kalgyx now survives on whatever detritus floats its way2E

Port C2A0Kalgyx has stone docks on one edge, where ships berth for repairs, C2A0cargo transfers, and the all-important shore leave. Sailors here can C2A0enjoy a drink at the Split Coconut, or a game of cards at the Split C2A0Coconut, or forgotten pleasuresE280A6 at the Split Coconut.

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