Crippled God Foundry Anniversary & Quest for the Darkstone – October Release Reveal!

Greetings Heroes!

Hope you are having a great time.

We are excited to announce that next month we have our Anniversary!

To celebrate with you and to show how much we appreciate your love and support, we will offer you some gifts of great value along with the October release!

Please read to the end of this post to find see what the gifts will be! F09F988A

Quest for the Darkstone

“On October you will travel among the stars, in a quest for an ancient artifact known as the Darkstone!
You will embark on a flying vessel known as the Cutter along with a group of brave adventurers that will help you with your search.

But the road to this quest is not without perils, as you will encounter powerful monsters and an enemy group known as the Reavers that are also looking for this mystic artifact!”

In the October E2809922 Release you will find:

16 Highly Detailed Miniatures ~ All Presupported! ~

  • Asteroid Spider, a monstrous spider that abuses and preys on unlucky ships.
  • Nightmare Beast a giant predator.
  • Dozar, a powerful robot guardian.
  • Kosoth Starbane, an infamous Reaver Leader.
  • Reaver Darkblade, an elite Reaver warrior.
  • Reaver Mage, a powerful spellcaster.
  • Reaver Star Lancers, Reavers on flying shark-like mounts, two miniatures.
  • Reaver Warriors, two miniatures.
  • Hallek, the Rogue.
  • Autognome, an automaton of Gnomish origin.
  • Verrin, the Bounty Hunter.
  • Chit’a, the Mantis Sorcerer.
  • The Collector, a mysterious merchant.
  • Senath, the GE28099rath Monk.
  • Scenic Bases for all the Miniatures!
  • Bust version of Kosoth Starbane!
  • Battlemaps!
  • Paper Miniatures!
  • E2809CQuest for the DarkstoneE2809D D&D 5e Miniatures Lore & Stat Block .pdf!

*Size measurements are given in height in every picture, from the lowest to the highest part of the model.

E2809CQuest for the DarkstoneE2809D Ships, Bases & Scenery pieces

The scenery bases and terrain pieces that will are included in this release are:

  • Two flying ships: the Cutter and Reaver!
  • Floating debris!
  • Derelict ship parts!C2A0
  • Ruins and pillars!
  • Crystals!C2A0
  • A set of 15 scenic round bases from 25mm to 100mm!

~ Resin & FDM supported! ~

Kosoth Starbane, Bust Version

The infamous Reaver leader Kosoth Starbane in bust version, for your display collection!

New Miniature to the Welcome Pack!

The new addition to our Welcome Pack is Elanor, the Astral Blade!

This miniature will be added to the Welcome Pack next month, along with and alternative version with a helmet, presupported files and a DnD 5e Stat block!

Crippled God Foundry Anniversary Celebration!

To celebrate our anniversary and as a E2809CThank YouE2809D to your support, we offer to our October subscribers two exclusive E2809CgiftsE2809D:

1. Monstober IV: Phantom Zone!

Monstrober is back!

Like the previous years, we offer to our October subscribers an extra collection of 31 miniatures for FREE!
The theme of this yearE28099s Monstrober IV, is creatures and monsters of an astral region known as the Phantom Zone!

More information on the miniatures included in this set will be found on a following post.

2. C2A0An extra FREE Release from 2021 that you will choose via a poll!

ThatE28099s right we will add one extra release from the previous year and you will get to vote via a poll which release will be!

The 2021 release that will receive the most votes will be added along the October release for FREE!
More details for the poll will we announced on the following days.

Next month, letE28099s celebrate together our anniversary with an awesome new release that will get you to the stars, and two extra miniature collections of great value as E2809CThank youE2809D gifts to our loyal supporters!

Until next time
Have fun and happy printing everyone!
~ CGF Team ~

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