Someone must unmask that deceitful vendor!

Traveler! In this adventure, the adventurers learn of a strange vendor in the outskirts of town who sells all manner of cures for illnesses and ailments. The locals have grown fond of the reclusive apothecary over time. However, some people have gone missing near the store. And other townsfolk have reported that the man sells all kinds of bone accessories and trinkets. They demand someone reviews the place.

Local authorities sent a team of voluntary guards to investigate but none of them returned. Things have gotten out of hand and now a bounty contract is offered to review the store, interrogate the apothecary, and find out whether he has anything to do with the recent disappearances or not. As usual in a world of fantasy and magic, things are not what they seem. The characters may uncover a terrible truth in the underground compound under the apothecary shop.

This is a level 3 dungeon-crawling adventure that features exploration, roleplaying with powerful entities, and the opportunity to earn regional renown for the adventurers! Here’s a low-def preview of this illustration:

Here’s a close-up of the apothecary shop. Silas, the owner, sells strange bone trinkets that have caused suspicion among the locals.

There is an underground laboratory underneath he shop. Silas conducts deranged experiments meant to further his necromancy abilities. So far, he is guilty of over a dozen deaths of locals and travelers.

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