Monstrober is back! Enter the Phantom Zone E28093 Our Anniversary miniature collection

Greetings Heroes!

For the fourth year, the Monstrober collection is back!

What is Monstrober?

Monstrober is a miniature collection of 31 thematic miniatures that we offer our supporters as an Anniversary Gift for FREE every October!

This yearE28099s Monstrober and is called: Monstrober IV: E2809CPhantom ZoneE2809D!

The theme is of strange creatures and monsters that can be found in the astral realm!

Brace yourselves and see what will be included bellow:

  • Argos
  • Aster Destroyer
  • Astral Parasite
  • Astral Whale
  • Astral Worm
  • Braxa
  • Clockwork Horror
  • Cosmic Horror
  • Cubodron
  • Dahwor
  • Deepspawn
  • Dolphinoid
  • Examiner
  • Feyrg
  • Firebird
  • Firelich
  • Giant Hamster
  • Goon Balloon
  • Jelloid Warrior
  • Jelloid
  • Kruthig
  • Murderus Comet
  • Nehth Algug
  • Psourlon
  • Rastipede
  • Slaadnik
  • Space Clown
  • Spirit Warrior
  • Stargazer
  • Starspawn
  • Thagar

This cool collection of miniatures is offered as an Anniversary Gift to our active October Patrons for FREE to celebrate our yearly anniversary!

This time we will do this differently and instead of unlocking one miniature every day, all will be available in the first week of October, along with the October release!

We hope you have enough resin to print these exciting miniatures!

Are you hyped?

Have fun everyone!
Best Regards,
~ CGF Team ~

Check it out!