Death of a God E28094 5E Encounter

This week we bring you the terrifying treat of the Godblood Ooze! Surrounding the body of a dead or dying deity locked in an ancient temple, the Godblood Ooze intends to protect the body of its origin at all costs!

Can your party fight your way through the oozes? Or will you instead find a way to reason with the mindless horde to try and save a dying god…

The Godblood Ooze (CR 5) statblock is free for all! (Image located at top of post.)

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Interested in additional content? Hero+ tier patrons get the full encounter:

  • Full Encounter Description
  • Godblood Ooze (CR 5) + VTT token
  • Goodblood Potion + item card handout
  • God’s Sanctum (32 x 32) VTT battle map

Get your copy of the full encounter now! (Hero+ Tier Patrons)C2A0

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Want everything above and more? As a Legend tier patron, you get access to even more exclusive content, including additional monsters, maps, and encounter scenarios. Get everything from the Hero+ tier AND the following:

  • Fallen Deva (CR 10) statblock + Deva Token
  • World Wound (50×50) VTT battle map

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