Fort Duskmark pt.1: Ground + Upper Levels

p style3D”margin:10px 0;”>Got one last project to stuff into the stream today and it’s another doozey: Fort Duskmark. This is the result of yet another collaboration, this time with creator Anders Jordahl, with whom I’ve worked with a couple of times in the past on sites like Cragtop Citadel.C2A0

Fort Duskmark is a massive set of maps and is made to accompany Jordahl’s upcoming kickstarted module, Knights of the Crystal Blade. Part One here includes the ground level and upper level of the fort proper. These arrive as full-res JPEGs, VTT-compressed variants, unfurnished options, and labeled versions that correspond with the adventure (patron-only preview PDF coming soon!). Part Two includes the underground caverns beneath the fortress as well as my exterior illustration sketch of the complex.

Fort Duskmark Ground PSD Download ($3+)C2A0

Fort Duskmark Upper PSD Download ($3+)C2A0

Check it out!