Djinn Gardens

Hey everyone!

Our idea for this was a tomb where a djinn was resting and a garden that is mysteriously always tended, as if by will alone. The waves lap at the shore, the cliff crumbles away eon by eon, but the garden always remains. Many visitors take this path now, passing through, paying their respects, making sure not the disturb the garden and by doing so rousing the undead djinn from its slumber. Perhaps though the flowers from this garden have special healing properties, or magical attributes, you wouldn’t know unless you picked one…

Included in this release too is a monster, The Storm Naga, created by our team over at Questiary. We imagined this map being inhabited by a power Storm Naga, attracted by its beauty and now protecting it with arcane wards.C2A0

The monster is really great, so please check out the free PDF. It comes with motivations, lair information, vulnerabilities, tactics, breakable parts and more.

Unfortunately though this is one of the last monsters we’ll be making at Questiary. Although we had fun creating them over the past year, the project never really found an audience, so we’ll be shutting down at the end of September. If you’d like to sign up and get 200+ monsters, the patreon page and database website will be live for the foreseeable future for those who want them, we just won’t be making any new monsters.

Thank you for everyone who supported Questiary, we hope you enjoyed what we created. 🙂