Starheart Golem

Though very rarely seen by mortal eyes, deep within the starry expanse of the astral plane are the remains of dead gods, their lifeless bodies cast into the void as their worship has long ended and their name has been wiped from history. Yet these bodies themselves are still intensely saturated with magic, making them highly sought after by a variety of astral travelers. However, the native denizens have long since halted any attempt to loot the bodies of particular gods, that being the gods who are protected by starheart golems. Not much is known of the origin of the starheart golems, but they seem to be colossal constructs of celestial design, powered by a miniaturized star held within their chest cavity, which also grants them a tremendous amount of power. Able to generate nuclear reactions and emit beams of white-hot plasma, these constructs can go toe to toe with even dragons, protecting the holy corpses with brutal force, and obliterating anything that dares attempt to sully their esoteric wards.

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