Crime and Slime E28093 Sewer Ooze Encounter for D&D 5E

Challenge your players with an encounter in the sewer! Troy’s oozes feature unique stat blocks and tokens, with a C2A0plot hook and battle map also included:

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An encounter with dangerous oozes in the city sewer. Background, battle map, ooze tokens, and 5e stat blocks all included belowE280A6

The C2A0cityE28099s lower residential district has recently seen the appearance of a C2A0fledgling thievesE28099 guild. This E28098guildE28099, as it refers to itself, was C2A0formed by a small group of local teenagers with a penchant for C2A0delinquency and more ambition than sense. They are yet to recruit any C2A0additional members. The founding four have managed to establish a small C2A0base of operations in the districtE28099s sewers, where they have used their C2A0skills as the children of local craftsmen to erect a number of shacks. C2A0This hideout is where the group now spends most of their time and C2A0amasses the trinkets and scraps that they have successfully stolen…

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This fun, low-stakes encounter would be great for a first adventure, but C2A0can also scale up to something dangerous even for a leveled party! C2A0Watch out for that Phalanx Ooze…

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