Forest Road

**The winding part of an ancient and not so popular road runs through an equally ancient grove, the singing of birds and the rustling of leaves are an integral melody of this place, but this time additional, less pleasant sounds will inevitably intervene.**

C2A0A 30×20 random encounter map, Forest Road! The first, but not the last iteration of such a simple and at the same time popular, and in-demand theme for combat meetings, location as a road passing through the forest. The road runs through the remains of an ancient rock dividing the space into upper and lower half. This, as well as huge boulders that remember the creation of the world, will play an important role in tactical interaction. As an additional tile, we made a pile of stones blocking the road, this can serve as an excellent reason to start a fight – as those who placed them there so prudently might not allow you to remove them without a toll or a fight.

Overlay Tiles preview: