Corpse Stitcher

A favorite pet of necromancers and liches, a corpse stitcher is a small, scuttling construct of flesh and bone, which uses between 3 and 5 arms to repair slashes and wounds among hordes of zombies and ghouls, extending their lifespan – or rather, their unlifespan. Built for agility, these homunculi can scamper away from danger as deftly as they can stitch a wound shut in battle. Likewise, they have to possess a certain amount of intelligence to perform their odd imitation of medicine, making them stand out as useful and versatile servants to more powerful undead. C2A0Corpse stitchers are resourceful, harvesting extra skin to use on the battlefield, and use specialized red thread that reinforces necromantic enchantments. In fact, one of the easiest ways to differentiate between a wild undead horde and an army raised by a necromancer is to try and spot whether said undead bear these crimson stitches. All in all, a corpse stitcher is considered an essential tool to many necromancers, as their skills and relative intelligence (compared to other weak undead) allow them to keep a group of deteriorating zombies fighting for far longer.

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