Slavic Myth Charity Module (Bonus Map!)

Hey folks,

This map of the Witch’s Cottage is a more thoughtful interpretation of my layout of the Hag’s Hovel, but with some important thematic changes to bring it more in alignment with the ways witches are thought of and conceptualized in Slavic mythology.C2A0

The witch’s cottage is my contribution to a recent release of the Curious Compendium of Slavic Myth, a 5e bundled module of monsters, magic items, spells, subclasses, and more! All inspired by real world Slavic folklore from eastern Europe.C2A0

As patrons you can grab the map for the Witch’s Cottage freely below, but I’d also implore you to click through the link for the compendium above to check out the greater overall product because ALL PROFITS from the sale of the module (which you can choose how much you want to contribute to when purchasing) will go directly to the Emergency Ukraine Appeal Fund via the British Red Cross.C2A0

If you have any questions please feel free to comment, otherwise–enjoy!

Witch’s Cottage ZIP DownloadC2A0

Check it out!