An Encounter Box of roads, forests, canyons and more: Five Maps for your adventure! (free version)

Download all maps in one zip file at the end of the post!

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7 Maps 46 Images (all maps have night versions and those with trees have versions where the tree tops are not visible)

  • A canyon encounter with a river and many entrances in the canyon walls [30×40] (with a version with blood instead of water)
  • A huge chasm in a forest [30×30] (with versions with lava or water instead of a chasm)
  • The first road encounter [25×30]
  • The second road encounter [25×30]
  • The third road encounter [30×30]
  • A natural vulcano in a forest [34×34] (with a versions with water instead of lava)
  • A forest encounter with a cave entrance [25×35] (with a versions with the inside of the cave)


The assets used here are from Crosshead. Here you can get his assets:

Check it out!