Asgard Rising – October Release information

Hello Patrons!

Let’s move aside delayed releases from September for now. Since the month is coming to an end I want to share with you what you can expect from our release in October.

I2E October WARBANDS release information:

As many of you probably know October is known from many feasts and festival. In this month the dwarves from the Dwarven Kingdom also decided to celebrate. For the WARBANDS Tier there will be available two sets of dwarven townfolk – both males and females. They will be compatible with our past releases of dwarves within both DWARF and DWARF FEMALE modular systems. They will represent different professions but also enjoy their everyday life.

An easier way to describe them would be taking a look at them. So let’s to that now:

E29EA3 DWARF: Dwarven Townsfolk /Modular/ /Pre-supported/

E29EA3 DWARF FEMALE: Dwarven Townsfolks /Modular/ /Pre-supported/

Both of those sets for WARABANDS Tier will be available in the first week of October.

II. October WARBANDS & TERRAINS release information:

With WARBANDS & TERRAINS Tier you will get complementary to our Dwarven Townsfolk set of terrains with miscellaneous types of scattered terrain pieces in tavern themes like Tavern Bar or a Richly Set Table. The design is a work in progress and it may be developed in an unexpected way. But knowing Tomasz’s artstyle it will look amazing either way. Terrains should be available in the second half of the month.

This will sum up what we have prepared for October. We hope you will like the theme and we really want to thank you for all the positive feedback we got from us. Cheers!

See you next time.

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