Cyberpunk Gas Station

Dimensions – [43 x 58]

Image resolution – 5800 x 4300 (at 100 dpi)

Grid – 1 sq 3D 5 ft

Hi all!

This month, we have another very large battle map to add to the Frag Maps library. Somehow, I feel like my maps are slowly getting larger over time.

The gas station is a constant in any cyberpunk universe and many of you have requested this for quite a while now but there were so many wonderful battle map ideas in the queue that it took me a while to get around to this particular one.C2A0

Watching Edgerunners on Netflix really spurred me on and got me excited to work on this one though!

Layout Design

Originally, the Gas Station was supposed to be situated a desert environment at the intersection of a lonely highway. However, the feedback that I was getting over at the Frag Maps Discord group was that the majority preferred an urban location.

Here are some of my early sketches that depicts the development journey.

Battle Map Pairings

This gas station map is best paired with following maps:

Map Variants

Base Map

The base map reveals the gas pumps and also the shop (and store room) that is by default hidden underneath the canopy.


The canopy comes in the form of a .PNG file so that pixel transparency can be utilized. For those who are new to Frag Maps, these files are used in tandem with a VTT (virtual tabletop) software – e.g. Foundry vtt, Roll20, Fantasy Grounds Unity etc.

The idea is to layer the canopy over the base map so that when player characters walk underneath, you can lift the roof to reveal the details beneath.

Baked-in Map

IE28099ve also included a version of the Gas Station with the canopy baked-in. This is for those of you who prefer to print their battle maps for in-person gaming sessions.

Night Time

The Night variant set comes with its own baked-in, base map and canopy files.


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  • Gas Station – baked map (watermark free, full-resolution, grid + grid-less formats)

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  • All above +
  • Base Map
  • Canopy (.PNG file)

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  • All above +
  • Night base map
  • Night canopy (.PNG file)
  • Night baked-in map

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To all who are new here: this battle map was brought to you by my Patreon subscribers, for without their support I would not be able to work on these maps full time. Thank you guys!

A Brief Life Update

During my previous post, I mentioned that I was in the process of moving interstate. Well, after a very stressful and tiring 2.5 weeks, I am glad to announce that IE28099m finally settled into my new home in Adelaide, South Australia. This city is a quiet/wonderful place and although I grew up here, it has been decades since IE28099ve lived here. IE28099m glad to be back and am sure that the vibes of this city is going to inspire me to take Frag Maps to greater heights!

Check it out!