Gruuk Jit’Jit In SPACE

This release is the actual final batch of new Gruuk Jit’Jit content other than the Definitive Edition. See y’all in October!

Borough Guide

Gruuk Jit’Jit being in space carries with it… a lot of changes. The goblins have started to mutate, a race of space orcs has declared war, and the secrets of the Titanic Tap Drive have finally been unlocked. We’ve got updates on all of the factions, as well as a slew of rollable tables for encounters, mishaps, and (most importantly!) justifications for why the hell Gruuk Jit’Jit is in space.


Okay, yeah, James did an edit of the entire map, revamping the city with additional technology, shedding all of the balloons, turning off the propellers, and generally spacifying everything. There are THREE versions of this map, so you can really run your space adventures however you want.

We’ve added an additional interior map as well. This engine room in the skunkworks (i.e. Gruuk Jit’Jit 07) powers the whole dang city. Don’t touch it! If your Gruuk Jit’Jit plot focuses on the Titanic Tap Drive, you can totally insert this interior in the non-space verion of the maps as well.


Sci-fi combat! That’s what this is. “Fuel Jammer” is your quintessential space battle track, perfect for fights in stellar aircraft or duels against the nebulorcs. We’ve also got a “stealth” arrangement with a groovy “outer space heist” sort of vibe. It makes me really want to run a spelljammer infiltration quest, or something like that.

I also added this track to the Delivery Kid zip because… hey, you might want some music now and then.