Lighthouse Isle Battle Map – Launch

Hello Adventurers, IE28099ve had a blast working on the Lighthouse map for the last week and IE28099m ready to release it today. I found some excellent references for this one, the architecture of Lighthouses is fascinating and the places they are built tend to be extremely beautiful and rugged. I wanted to add a little more than a simple lighthouse, so I took a look at how Lighthouses are built and added a Keepers Cottage and a sea cave entrance as well.

Next Maps

IE28099ve moved stuff around a little for next month, with the Crime LordE28099s Hideout being pushed back so I can fit in an UndertakerE28099s Shop, which I think fits into the mood for October. It should be a fantastic spooky location for a one-shot!

  • UndertakerE28099s Shop
    With Halloween coming up I wanted to add this one as a slightly morbid but interesting map for an urban location rarely depicted. It will have a viewing room, a mortuary, stables with a horse-drawn hearse and a few other rooms2E
  • Ambush point (Travel encounter map with assets)
    I want to create a wilderness map with a natural choke point that could be used as an ambush point for bandits or monsters. IE28099ll create some roadblocks as assets as well!
  • Crime LordE28099s Hideout (with Alligator Pit)
    IE28099m still trying to think this one through. I imagine some kind of underground location or maybe a kind of hideout. Basically, it’s the place for a crime boss to get rid of inconvenient people, bodies and the like.

Thanks so much for your support, I really appreciate the comments you leave and the suggestions you make for alternatives. I try my best to take them on board, even if I canE28099t get to them all (IE28099m always so busy with the next release). I will be releasing a Frozen Docks variant early next month, as requested 🙂 With that said, thanks again, have a great weekend and roll on spooky month!

Download the map files on the Map List page (You can only access these files if you are part of my Patreon!).

Map Descriptions

Island Approach

The rough seas toss spray into your faces as you watch the island come into view. At the base of rocky cliffs is a small pebble beach, dark waves with foamy crests crash upon it, making the pebbles clatter and roll with every surge. Carved from the cliffs are weathered stone steps slick with water and green slime. At the top of the cliffs, you can make out windswept grass tufts and a small squat cottage. At the edge of the cliffs is a tall stone lighthouse, its white paint flaking, its lantern dark.

The Cottage

The Keepers cottage is a single-story stone building with a flat lead roof. The windows are small, their glass thick. The interior is furnished with simple well made wooden furniture. The desk is strewn with documents filled with tables of numbers, records of weather and notes on supplies. A neat little kitchen is well organised, the bedroom with two single beds would be cosy if the hearth was lit.

The Lighthouse Storeroom

The lighthouse is made from thick granite brick painted white. The door is thick, painted green and opens into a storeroom filled with supplies. A small work desk is positioned by the door and a stone staircase with a brass handrail winds up around the wall of the lighthouse. Below the stairs are arched alcoves filled with boxes, ropes and barrels.

The Lantern Room

The stairs circle the lighthouse a number of times before reaching the lantern room. The walls of the lantern room are made from glass panes secured between a brass framework. Around the outside of the room is a narrow walkway, surrounded by a dark iron railing. At the centre of the room is a large brass and bronze fixture with a glass lantern at its top. A few barrels of lamp oil sit to one side, along with tools and a small wooden stool.

Notes and Tips

  • 30×45 Grid Map
  • Grab a boat from my City Docks map as a way for your party to reach the island.
  • Use this as a stopping-off place for the night, itE28099s strange the Light is not lit.
  • The Lighthouse is dark and the party is tasked to look into the mystery:
    • Merfolk have captured the Keepers. They raid the Lighthouse at night, climbing the cliffs. Have the party defend the stairs up from the beaches.
    • Smugglers are using the sea caves to store loot2E The new Keepers refused to be bribed and were kidnapped or killed. Use my Grotto map as a second location.
    • A roc is attracted to the light of the lighthouse and has eaten the Keepers. If the light is lit it will return. Describe huge claw marks on the buildings.
    • Galeforce winds blew the Keepers off the cliffs and to their deaths. Have the party find the Keepers at the bottom of the cliffs. Maybe there is an aggressive wind elemental on the island.
    • Ghosts! The place is haunted by a Keeper that died at the lighthouse. He haunts the lantern room and the Keepers are too scared to venture up and confront it.
  • Sirens have moved onto the island and sing at night drawing ships onto the rocks even with the lighthouse lit. Have the party investigate why this is happening.
  • An evil wizard is performing a ritual to summon something nasty at the top of the lighthouse, the party must fight their way in and prevent the summoning spell from being completed. Maybe the Keepers are part of a cult working with the wizard.


Cutout Roof and Room assets for placing over the map.

Day/Night versions of all the maps

Sea fog, for a more spooky encounter

Tropical Island version for the Caribbean pirate esthetic!

And a Snow swept icy version for those budding polar explorers among you!

Check it out!