Lovecraft Set 05

Welcome back adventurers!

In this set we’ve got crypts inspired by the ones from the Nameless City: claustrophobic tunnels made out of strange blocks, and doorless rooms for denizens not quite of this world.C2A0

At the end of a crossroad is the tomb-and-tablet of some ancient, hopefully decrepit one, which can be summoned provided you brought the right things to town.

These areas come in different ritual variations, as well as flooded/underwater variants for those who came through via the waterway!

And for those who like their adventures more… Corporeal, out of town is a singular warehouse where they’ve hauled up the oddest fish of living memory. Villagers think you’re better off knowing, or if knowing, better off not investigation, but who wouldn’t want to look at oddly-shaped aquatic animals?C2A0

The map is a small, contained two-floor warehouse, and comes with day/night plus a bloodier, and even a fly-infested version of it for your plague-town needs!

And that’s all for this set, adventurer! Stay with us for the very last set!