Lovecraft Set 06

Welcome back, adventurers!

For our last set for the area, we venture into the truly anatomical, with an alien landscape inspired by Yuggoth and the subterranean civillization from the mound.C2A0

The map is split into two paths that combine together if a large area is needed. The landscape is trecherous and unpredictable, with odd pools of light wells dotting the area.C2A0

The variants include a fleshier variant, which I imagine you might see if your party manages to find its way into one very large animal, most likely, plus an ashen desert variant for those who want a flatter landscape. The pits still dot the landscape, each with its own colony encircling it:

All maps in these set combine together like this:

And that’s all for this set, adventurer! Thanks for sticking with us all the way into this unknown – we had tons of fun trying out new ways to illustrate the abyss this time around. We’ll see you again at the end of this week for polls!C2A0