One-Page-Dungeon – Audience with the Kobold King – System Neutral

Traveler! Here’s an awesome one-page dungeon. It’s a self-contained adventure where everything you need fits a single page. I make them system neutral so they can be easily ported to any system. It shouldn’t be much trouble to include it in any medieval setting.

In the Kobold King, a group of heroes is hired by the dwarven lords to deal with problematic kobolds. The small draconids had never been a problem and even co-existed peacefully with them. But in the last few months, kobolds are reckless and dangerous. Someone must put a stop to their attacks.

The legends say that kobolds were once dragons who defied the gods and were punished. The dwarf lords ignore that the new kobold leader is not a foe to underestimate. A copper dragon under a kobold disguise leads the kobolds. And whoever comes to confront them is up for a big surprise. Because this dragon wishes to return kobolds to their former winged glory.

This level-neutral adventure brings the heroes to a hideout in a cave, it puts them before an ambitious copper dragon, and gives them the possibility of getting its hoard!

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