Pericle: Gathering Darkness (Map Pack)

For our last map release of September I have a whole pack of maps to share with you, made especially in cooperation with the team developing Pericle: Gathering Darkness.C2A0

Pericle: Gathering Darkness is an app-driven tabletop role-playing game for 1-4 players that combines combat with a groundbreaking companion app that takes the place of a Game Master. Players create heroes using a classless hero creation system, then explore the dangers and mysteries of Pericle via Loremaster, the gameE28099s companion app.

Loremaster presents the Gathering Darkness campaign through rich narratives, animated cutscenes, breathtaking art, and an original soundtrack. Most importantly, LoremasterE28099s branching storylines change according to player choice, leading to unique experiences each time you play- your decisions shape the world of Pericle!

Check it out!