Ruined Fortress – October 22

The Fortress of Ruin is a three piece mega-map set; There may not be as many maps in this set as usual, but all of the scenes twice the size of a normal map at 60×80 [6000x8000px / 100px grid]. The original set comprises a huge valley with multiple roads that lead to the ruined fortress. The fortress itself is nestled at the base of a mountain, it has been raided, the walls broken down in many places, yet it still stands tall with two levels. The alternate version features a C2A0different color palate. There is a short write-up with room descriptions, some adventure seeds and DM suggestions. You can get the maps pre-lit and ready to play on Foundry with everything integrated. Or, you can download the DM maps and PDF map key to use anywhere. There is also a set of versatile Blanks; These maps do not have any room dressings, so they are ready to be custom decorated to fit your homebrew scenario. Examples of all the maps can be found below.

Hero Tier

Champion Tier

Master Tier

Legend Tier

Thank you to everyone that visits my site. I hope that you find something useful for your game. I want to make all my maps available to everyone. I’ll post a free map from this set every week for this month. Long Live D&D!

These maps were made using unique assets from Critical Concepts. Without these amazing art pieces, I could not have achieved this custom look. Be sure to check out Critical Concepts to get your own original doors, walls, room dressings and more!C2A0

Check it out!