September 22 Release Summary

Hello! I recalled an idea from ages ago and I do think it has some merrit. Here is a quick overview of all of my released content from the previous month!

Forgotten Foes – Spirit Cults

The spirit cults have been operating from the shadows ever since their once glorious kingdom fell. Now the spectral nobles of the fallen kingdom command cabals to do their bidding, granting them powers spectral powers in return.

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Adventure Project – Strangers of Heart Haven

The early stages of an ambitious adventure path I am currently writing. This updates contains the premise, important information, as well as the intro to the adventure itself to captivate your players.

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Patreon Monster RewardsC2A0

A collection of several monsters that were requested by my Boss Tier+ patrons. Take a time to browse these monsters. Perhaps one of them is exactly what you are looking for 😀

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Monster Girl Player Race – Feline

A new set of monster girl inspired player options has arrived. Meet the strong willed and indipendant feline. With a bit of effort, maybe you too will befriend a pretty kitty!

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Fearsome Foes – The Mimic Tower

What a peculiar tower becons the adventurers on the horizon, promising adventure and treasure. Little do the adventurers know that the only thing awaiting them within this lonely tower is a lethal trap, set up by an ancient mimic.

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