The Fighting Philosophers of Corm is Live!

The Fighting Philosophers of Corm

It was after their escape from the dwarven gold mines that the rhinos of Corm came to be known as the Fighting Philosophers. For deep under the mountains an unmentionable magic lurked E28094 unknown even to the dwarves E28094 that could transform any wild creature into something far more sinister, uncontrollable and intelligent. Taken off guard, the dwarves of the Dark Deep suddenly realized that the beasts of burden they had seized from the green fields of Corm had metamorphozed into some of the most brilliant, powerful and deadly beings in all of Mundi Maard. An imminent, bloody breakout attempt seemed inevitable..

The Fighting Philosophers of Corm + Welcome Pack 2.0 + Busts. 39 PRE SUPPORTED MODULAR miniatures that come in both 32mm wargaming scale and 75mm collectors scale. 17 Rhino folk’s, 2 Busts and 20 miniatures from the Welcome pack.

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