Argolodon Frigate

Last month we shared with you the Kestrel Frigate, and today we’re back with the Argolodon Frigate, the latest collaboration with our friends at Arcane Minis.

As you can plainly see, the most eye-catching characteristic of this vessel is it’s means of propulsion! Atop the back of a living creature, I think most captains would find themselves forming an even more special bond with their ship than usual. Not to mention its fins, armaments, and maw make for a not-especially-inviting figure.

If you’re interested in seeing more about this ship, the world-building the Arcane Minis team has done around it, and even full-on adventures utilizing these ships please visit their page on the Mini Factory website where they utilize a patreon-esque subscription model.

What’s Included for Download:

  • PNG files of each distinct section of the Argolodon
  • Encounter-scale breakdowns of the ship’s layout all arranged within the same image for easier immediate handling in-game
  • VTT-Compressed versions of all files for easier handling online
  • Gridded and non-gridded versions of all of the above
  • A labeled, high res version of the ship’s areas (as previewed)

Argolodon Frigate ZIP DownloadC2A0

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Argolodon Frigate Interiors PSD Download ($3+)

Check it out!