100 Notes, Letters or Graffiti to Find in or about Undermountain II

This supplement contains 100 pieces of graffiti or notes that could be found in or about Undermountain. They cover Undermountain in general and specifically Levels 12 to 23. The writings can be found in Undermountain itself, or elsewhere. They may be found as notes on bodies, hidden in desks or scrawled on walls for example, and there are supplementary tables for both notes and graffiti. Each result has the writing, then details on what it refers to. Some may provide useful information whilst others may be meaningless; the true meaning can be up to the Dungeon Master.

This PDF supports Adobe layers and the page backgrounds and images can be disabled to make printing easier.

Here are some sample results:

  • “Teleported, teleported, teleported! I’m sick of it! Why won’t it shut up?”: This refers to the voice that shouts out “Teleported!” on Level 15.
  • “Textures of fear and salty crumbliness.”: Written in Qualith, this is a partial description of a mind flayer’s experience eating a brain.
  • “The asteroid appears to be one of the Tears of Selune, though it may be difficult to pinpoint which one from Toril. It has clearly been used as a habitation for years, and evidence suggests by many different creatures. The interior has been hollowed out and can be reached from the ground, or from space itself with a suitable vessel. It is possible to survive inside the asteroid and in its near vicinity. More study is needed.”: Notes on Stardock, reached through a portal in Room 11 on Level 16.
  • “The black pudding followed me. It kept chasing and wouldn’t give up. It knows what I was doing. How could it do that? I think it spoke.”: Refers to the intelligent black puddings on Level 19, although the author was mistaken about the speech.
  • “The blessings of Ghaunadaur can be found in the deeps. Travel to the deeps to find Ghaunadaur’s home.”: Refers to the worshippers of Ghaunadaur that can be found on Level 19.

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