Dungeon of Despair ~ Meet the Monsters & Villains!

Greetings Heroes!

Every dungeon has it’s own unique and dangerous denizens.
In Dungeon of Despair we will introduce plenty and interesting adversaries who will put you to the test!

We are happy to reveal to you the Villains of the core set of the campaign, painted by Bad Painting Studio!

Dungeon of Despair, Core set Monsters & Villains

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Dungeon of Despair Pre-Launch Page.

Check out more pictures bellow:

The mysterious Creators.

Dread Lord and Dread Warriors.

Ogre and Goblin Warriors.

The Dark Mage and his undead minions2E

Orc Captain and Warriors.

Note: The Pit Fiend and the Morog escaped the photograph session…for now.

What do you think? C2A0Hope you like these miniatures!

Pictures of the Heroes, accessories and other contents of the campaign will be revealed soon.

Visit the Dungeon of Despair Pre-Launch Page.

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