Gazpacho’s Bonfire Night REMASTERED

:lang=”en-us”>Welcome dear Adventurer to Bonfire Night, a winter festival with a gruesome past; gunpowder, treason and plot.

:lang=”en-us”>The real-world festival of the same name celebrates the foiled Gunpowder Plot, an attempt on the King’s life by blowing up the houses of Parliament.

:lang=”en-us”>In Gazpacho’s Bonfire Night, players will get to experience a winter festival with fairground stalls, such as bobbing for apples and a horseshoe toss, along with having to deal with goblins and a mystery at the heart of the town of Black Tallon.

:lang=”en-us”>Dungeon Masters can find a new town in a wooded valley along with a host of NPCs ideal for a starting location or one that is easily placed into your world.

:lang=”en-us”>Having a hard time coming up with in world festivals and celebrations? Why not add Bonfire Night into your world’s vibrant history. What was the original Gunpowder plot? Why try to kill the King?

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