Magewright Backgrounds: Volume IV

Did your character get their start as a Magewright Apothecary? How about a Magewright Herald who delivered local current events and the like? Or perhaps you were a Magewright Page who delivered packages and messages? Maybe you were a Magewright Scribe for a rich and powerful wizard or lord? Perhaps you kept a tavern as a Magewright?

This package includes 5 magewright backgrounds complete with background spells that are added to the list of spells you can learn in all of your classes, 5 feats to help you make use of your background spells list which is compatible for use with this or other material which includes background spell lists, 7 background spells usable in any adventure, and 2 magic items specific to Magewrights!

Magewright ApothecaryCreate Potion SpellMagewright ScribeMagewright HeraldEncode Object Spell

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