Creature Clans – Bad Moon Goblins

The Bad Moon Goblins are a horde of wolfriders, moon-worshipping seers, and fierce warriors bent on conquest. It will fall to brave heroes to keep them from uniting under one banner and sweeping over the land. If you’re in need of villains for your campaign, look no further – the Bad Moon Goblins have risen!

This 1st Tier (Levels 1-4) monster manual supplement introduces six new monsters, their lore and special powers, a way to quickly generate plots and schemes, eight unique travel encounters, and five new magic items.


Creature Clans: Bad Moon Goblins


1st Tier (Levels 1-4) Monster Manual Supplement

Creature Clans: Bad Moon Goblins is a Fifth Edition plug-in monster manual for 1st Tier (Levels 1-4) campaigns. Riding domesticated wolves and wielding shamanic power drawn from the very moon, the Bad Moon Goblins are a force to be reckoned with – perfect for budding adventurers to cut their teeth on!


Bad Moon Rising

“The Bad Moon Goblins” is the overarching name of a large group of warbands comprised primarily of wolfriders and moon-worshipping seers; it is not one clan, but many, each with their own warleader and agenda (that being said, both the singular and plural of “clan” is used interchangeably when referencing the Bad Moon Goblins).

Though their divided nature makes any one warband more a nuisance than a genuine threat to any organized/trained defense, they are more than a match for the farmsteads and villages they prey upon.

However, the Bad Moon Goblins don’t rely solely on their wits or strength of arms – instead, their inner power comes from the moon itself.

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