Elder Brain Spine Mine

(spine mine rhyme time)

…Hey everyone!

This is part 3 of our Elder Brain Dungeon. This is the middle section, the spine and the ribs, currently being mined out by the Mind Flayer slaves.

Below is a preview of how the three parts are meant to fit together. We’re sorry for how the stitching isn’t perfect but hopefully it’ll still wow your players nonetheless!

We made the same set of variations for each part of the dungeon, so you can use all three parts together no matter which variation you use. 🙂

Perhaps in future we’ll do another version of this concept where the Mind Flayers have managed to dig out all of the titan skeleton and are now using it like a giant base and destroying cities on the overworld.

If you have other maps of ours you’d like to see us continue like we did with this set, let us know in the comments!