The Ancient Dragon Patron

Your patron is an ancient dragon, either a chromatic, gem, or metallic dragon. Ancient Dragons have lived an incomprehensible long time, and merely see other creatures as annoyances, playthings, or entertaining curiosities. Their power long established, some grow bored. Having acquired enough magical skill to share their power in a pact, these extremely powerful beings then might entertain the idea of empowering another for the sake of a far-reaching, inscrutable goal. Perhaps they seek treasures for their hoard, perhaps they simply mean to test ones limits, but most do so for reasons that may only come up once every few centuries. No matter their reasons, here is are the details of what a pact with an ancient dragon will offer you, young warlock.

This subclass is inspired by the homebrew Warlock Subclass: Dragon Patron: A Warlock Subclass, found on, by: Tim Gonzalez — — @pirategonzalez ~~ Make sure you go show them some love for all of their great content!

This subclass is based on Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons, allowing you to choose an Ancient Dragon patron from the Chromatic, Metallic or Gem dragon families. Enjoy!

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