Tomb Raiders of Amn

The village of Orek nestles up against the southern foothills of the Cloud Peaks, at the northern edge of Amn. Here, an Amn merchant clan with an outsized sense of their own importance keeps on hand a crew of talented artisans to decorate the nearby tombs that they build as needed to house their honored dead.

However, Orek has become a gilded cage for them. No one important enough to be buried here has died for a long time, so paid work is scarce. Your party stumbles upon Orek only to find that some of the artisans regularly break their contracts to work exclusively for House Zylak — and some of the laborers have started robbing the nearby tombs. Your party has the chance to help smuggle valuable artifacts out of Orek — or sell everyone out to the proper authorities. Either way, when word arrives that the hapless raiders have run into trouble, you have a segue into Places by the Way #12: A Cloud Peaks Necropolis.

Places by the Way #11: Tomb Raiders of Amn can be run as a stand-alone, or as a prequel to Places by the Way #12: A Cloud Peaks Necropolis. For a version of this module that does not specify a particular setting, see Tomb Raiders of Orek, which is available through DriveThru RPG.

Places by the Way is a series of short modules created by veteran RPG writer and developer Douglas Sun for use with Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. Think of them as glittering mosaic tiles that you can drop into a campaign to provide your player characters with diverting side quests and memorable interludes while they follow the overall story arc. After all, a great campaign world is one in which memorable experiences can be had even in places found by the way.

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