Ashkarland Gazetteer

Please enjoy this free gazetteer of a lost Radiant Citadel civilisation to celebrate the publication of Radiant Citadel Enterprises, and to say thank you to everyone who has bought my DM Packs for the Radiant Citadel so far.

This gazetteer describes a nomadic population who live in the shadow of giant cities. The original draft won the Gazetteer Jam on r/RadiantCitadel on Reddit, this version has some additional content, including how to set Ashkarland in Forgotten Realms and Krynn if you like, and some art, and is packaged in a tidy PDF.

I took inspiration from descriptions of North American silvopasture systems, South American writing systems like the Mayan quipú, beautiful feathered cloaks and garments from South American cultures (but mine are made of insect wings), and giant empty cities from somewhere in my head but also possibly the ruins of the ancient Pueblo peoples (although they did not have sky ships to my knowledge). The discussion and debate ideas are perhaps inspired by ancient Greece. All in a terrible mashup — it’s like sausage, you don’t want to know how it’s made. But now you know.

Anyway I hope you enjoy it!

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