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This is a module for the Fantasy Grounds VTT and Dungeons & Dragons 5E. If you are looking for the PDF – click here.

Tier 1 [4-Hour Spelljammer Dungeoncraft]

Mighty Wings Academy has identified you to be in the top 1% of spelljammer candidates and invited you to join the advanced spelljammer airship program. Master Astral Combat Maneuvers, fly 100x faster than the average spelljammer ship, and compete with the best of the best.

Mighty Wings is a four-hour airship combat filled Spelljammer adventure for characters of levels 1-4.

Inside you’ll find:

  • A 6-page long adventure that is written to facilitate having fun while learning Astral Combat Maneuvers (ACM)
  • An easy-to-read Astral Combat manual that is just over a page long
  • Stats for the Valkyrie, an airship controlled by two spelljammers, formed by interlocking two spelljamming airships
  • Guidance on how to adjust encounter difficulty (for different party compositions)
  • 80’s style artwork for the flight school facilities and 12x NPC portraits (that can be used as VTT tokens)
  • Handouts to help facilitate learning ACM (for printing and VTT use)
  • Stat blocks for all NPCs and monsters
  • An organized 54-page PDF containing all of the above, with separate compressed map and artwork files for easy use.
    • 6 pages: core adventure
    • 2 pages: ship to ship combat rules for ACM
    • 2 pages: airship stats for the Valkyrie, the R-Wing, and the T-Wing
    • 9 pages: player and DM friendly handouts for learning Astral Combat Maneuvers
    • 22 pages: artwork and map appendices
    • 4 pages: NPC stat blocks
    • 9 pages: character rewards, DM miscellany, storytelling tactics and notes, etc.
CONTENT WARNING: Passing Out in a Vehicle, New Ship Combat Mechanics, Training Evaluation

Adventurers League: This is a Spelljammer Adventure set in an original Wildspace system, created through the Adventurers League Dungeoncraft program. This is an Adventurers League legal Tier 1 Adventure.

[SPOILERS AHEAD] What your players will experience in Mighty Wings

Everyone Can Be a Spelljammer

The latent connection to the weave is awoken in everyone when they enter Alphaspace, and it has to do with the Azure Crystals that are harvested from the blue planets in this Wildspace system. Because everyone here can cast spells, everyone can become a spelljammer. Watch every one of your players enjoy taking the helm on the Valkyrie airship that flies at 416 mph.

New Ship to Ship Combat Mechanics

Fulfill your players’ need for speed. The combat mechanics deliver a dynamic experience where your players get to use as many of their character features to maximize their control over the Valkyrie airship. Both spelljammers in the airship will work together to perform defensive maneuvers to dodge obstacles, evasive maneuvers to avoid damage, or intensive maneuvers to gain the upper hand in a dogfight. The adventure is designed to facilitate learning these elements one step at a time.

Classroom Training with the Best

After the recruits go through the classroom training led by the commanding instructors “Nav” (Navigator) and “Zeus”, the theory is put to practice in the skies above Mighty Wings Academy. Have your players experience what it’s like to fly the equivalent of a fighter jet for Spelljammer 5e while performing ACM, get graded for their performance, and potentially win the Top Wing Trophy.

Team building with your Co-Spelljammers

Inside the joint cockpit of the Valkyrie, it’s you and your co-spelljammer against the challenges in the mission zone. After learning about the main spelljammer roles on the airship (the pilot and the gunner), the recruits will need to decide which role they will take and who their co-spelljammer will be. Let your players experience the importance of team building, working with their co-spelljammer through every obstacle along the way, and maybe even learning about each other more with a game of desert spaceball!

Deployment Right After Graduation

No adventure is complete without real world experience. The graduation celebration is interrupted with a call for the best of the best. A spelljamming barge protected by the Astral Fleet is stranded and hostile murder comets have been spotted. Witness your players use everything they have learned, as well as the full firepower of the Valkyrie, and eliminate the threats in the mission zone.

Pillars of Play Composition

Combat: 60%

Social: 20%

Exploration: 20%

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