Minor Magic Items

From the Dangers Series, this book contains 100 unique magical items that can provide an adventure party with useful, strange and powerful items.

All items are considered uncommon and will not break the game by being overpowered.
None of them require attunement, so any creature can use them, so long as the item’s usage limits are not broken.

There are three indexes with which to choose or roll for the magical items.
Alphabetically, by Potency (how powerful they are) and by Category (types of item).
Some items also include flavour text to give the reader an idea of how the item could be used.

The item types included are:

  • Natural
  • Potions
  • Tools
  • Containers
  • Accessories
  • Clothes
  • Jewellery
  • Head Gear
  • Inventions
  • Weapons

Sample 1: Items by CategorySample 2: Magical Item DescriptionsSample 3: Magical Item Descriptions

Here are five magic item examples, randomly selected Alphabetically with a d100.

48. Jumping Circle (Invention). When unrolled and placed on the ground, this material will allow the user to jump up to 15 ft. high.

96. Web String (Natural). String as tough and durable as rope. 40ft. long.

75. Shudder Mirror (Tool). It creates an ugly reflection of whoever is using it.

27. Dust Mask (Accessories). The wearer has advantage against CON saves vs gas or smoke effects.

77. Singing Stone (Natural). When blown into specific holes, it generates a gust of wind in the desired direction, able to move light objects within 30ft. up to 10ft.

7. Ball Barings Bomb (Invention). A ball bearing that when thrown creates 50 ball bearings with each bounce that it takes. 1 use only.

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