Radiant Citadel Enterprises

Here’s the guide to the Radiant Citadel you’ve been waiting for! Get to know the Citadel and make it come alive like never before.

Want to know where to get a drink or a bite to eat, where to buy goods, how to gamble or carouse, or where to find poisons or second-hand knick-knacks in the Citadel itself? Then this book is for you.

This supplement gives you 10 new enterprises, including five shops, two services and three guilds. Each enterprise comes complete with NPCs and adventure hooks that tie into the different civilisations and to each other, and there are three potential group Patrons. Each enterprise includes a list of goods or services offered, profiles of the main NPCs, and adventure hooks both within the citadel and out to other citadel civilisations, including Umizu, the Tayyib empire, and an unknown civilisation — that’s 40 adventure hooks in all, not counting the ideas on the bounty board, the complications for gambling and carousing or training with the local poisoner, the quests the list of 100 trinkets may send you on, or the freedom fighters you may encounter.

Check it out in the preview! It’s 35 pages long and full colour!

Ethereal Surf Club and Tattoo Parlour

Stat blocks for all monsters not in the Monster Manual/JTRC are reproduced in full, and magic item descriptions for all items not in the Dungeon Master’s Guide are also included. Includes three new monsters and nine new magic items.

Enterprises include:

  • The Cartographer’s Collective, a mapping guild who needs adventurers for exploration, with a vengeful spirit at its head;
  • The Elemental Plate, a restaurant where emancipated elementals follow their culinary dreams;
  • The Ethereal Surf Club and Tattoo Parlour, where you can take all your troubles to the Deep;
  • Four Spades Traders, run by a genteel crime boss whose organisation stretches across three Radiant Citadel civilisations and his incompetent nephew;
  • Freedom Fighter Fundamentals, where a talented armourer can hook you up with any number of mercenary jobs for freedom fighters across the planes;
  • The House of Chike, where magical garments and fey helpers abound – except for one night a year;
  • The Jimson Jeli Bar & Nightclub, where you can rub shoulders with Speakers and Clavigers and get into a lot of trouble, and not the good kind;
  • The Monster Hunter’s Guild, an anti-monster organisation with big bounties, tough admission trials, and a black-and-white view of the world at odds with much of the Citadel’s ethos;
  • Parfumerie Ætheréale, where love potions, poisons, and perfumes mix together in a heady brew;
  • The Quiet Spirit, where a retired cult leader keeps a hundred Radiant Citadel trinkets on the illusion-wrapped shelves.

Bring your Citadel to life!

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