Spelljammer: Micro Dungeons of Wildspace

This book presents 5 Spelljammer-themed mini-dungeons. The difficulty level stated for each dungeon is based on a 4-adventurer party of that level. The high-resolution DM and player maps are also attached to this product as a separate file. The book aims to give the DM a ready-to-use dungeon and hopefully, provoke the DM’s imagination to fill in the blanks in the micro dungeons.

There are also monsters from best-seller bestiaries such as the Candlekeep & Strixhaven Bestiary, Valas Hune’s Underdark Bestiary and Spelljammer: Dwellers of Wildspace included in this book in the Appendix A.


Dungeons included in this book:

Adrift & Mad God-Makers

Adventurers are hired to investigate and stop the “fish people” raiders who ambush travelers passing through certain areas. Survivors of these attacks claim that a group of insane humanoids with fish-like appearances is drifting through the wildspace in what seems to be a
half-destroyed and unstable turtle ship in search of people to sacrifice for their ritual to resurrect their dead god.

Difficulty level: 3

Deep into the Rocks

Recently, spelljammer vessels noticed and reported unusual activities at a nearby asteroid field while traveling. As a result, a mining company interested in investing in the zone hired adventurers to investigate the reports. When the adventurers approach the asteroid, they discover a dark cavern with an opening nearby.

Difficulty level: 4

The Obsidian Ziggurat

Strange reports of an asteroid-shaped pirate ship raiding the sector are circulating. The adventurers are hired to find out the truth about this asteroid and stop the pirate activities. The ship is a ruined obsidian ziggurat built on a tiny asteroid. The spelljammer helm inside the ziggurat allows the vampirates to use the asteroid as a ship and travel through wildspace.

Difficulty level: 6

The Distress Signal

Adventurers receive a magical distress signal from a ship called Deneir’s Way. The ship used to belong to a long-dead archpriest of Deneir. The constructs aboard the ship rebelled against the crew one day for unknown and mysterious reasons and took over the ship after killing everyone aboard. Deneir’s Way is now drifting through wildspace as a derelict ship trying to lure organic creatures with their distress signal to harvest their arcane and living energies to fuel the ship’s spelljammer.

Difficulty level: 8

The Outpost of the Metal Savages

A Scro raiding party of the Metal Savages tribe recently arrived at a forest moon and built an outpost in an ancient temple ruin surrounded by mountains. Fearing an upcoming full-scale invasion, the local government hired adventurers to infiltrate the outpost, find out the Scro plans and kill the leader of their warband.

Difficulty level: 10


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