Subclasses of the Starlit Skies: Oath of the Stars Paladin

Many beings prey on the weak from the shelter of darkness, as is their nature, but more malevolent beings wrap their prey in a darkness so all encompassing that any idea of hope becomes a distant dream. These beings delight in the despair they cause, and are the enemies of those who with the audacity to hope for a brighter night.

Cause darkness to wither away and stand against those who dwell in the deepest shadows, harden the resolve of your allies and empower any restorative magics that aid them. Champion hope and become an unquenchable guiding light in the darkness.

Stand in the night as a twinkling beacon of hope. Swear the Oath of the Stars.

This is the thirteenth and final class in the Subclasses of the Starlit Skies series.

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