December’s Map of the Month Preview – The Nest of Leeches Tavern

Hey everyone,

We hope you’ve had a chance to look through the adventure supplement from last month covering the Blackthorne Woods and the Vampires that live there.

We really liked the concept of one of the locations we created for the regional map and a plot hook – the Nest of Leeches tavern, a run down establishment on the edge of the forest.

So, for December’s MotM, you’ll be getting this fully detailed tavern with a cellar/well cave. It’s great if you want to flesh out the previous setting, or use it anywhere.

There will be three variants of this map – autumnal, winter and burning (following one of the plot lines from our Blackthorne adventure supplement).

Alt-Version Ideas!

As always, time for your alt-version ideas. What should we turn this map into? How else could we use this building? What could we reskin it as? How would you reimagine this location?

Put your ideas in the comments, and we’ll pick our favourites to go into a poll.

Good luck!

Check it out!