Rolling the Die Hard

Festive D&D Fifth Edition One-Shot for 3rd-Level Characters

This winter solstice, the elite of the sprawling city of Baldur’s Gate are throwing a soiree at the gleaming trade spire, Platomi Nakaza. Sure, dark forces are in motion, but aren’t they always? As a weary adventurer returning from the wilds, you’re just looking forward to an evening of posh nibbles, corporate luxury and chitchat. What could go wrong?
Welcome to the party, pal.

  • Totally 100% original plot (honest), twists, action, evil, nibbles, and puzzles
  • DM resources including maps, handouts, links, two unique magic items, and stat-blocks
  • Modular design approach so you can customise the adventure for your table on the fly
  • Suitable for beginners and veterans alike
  • 3-5 hours length (disclaimer, it’s D&D, so…)
  • Works as a standalone one-shot or can be inserted into a campaign

Is this a Christmas D&D one-shot adventure? Who knows! Maybe? Feel free to weigh in in the comments. Also feel free to donate if you like the module. For ’tis the season, a time for giving, and blah blah blah ho ho ho!

*Note: Throwing your die too hard may result in fallen miniatures, spilled drinks, or a startled pet. The author accepts no liability.

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