Darksand Disaster E28094 FREE Encounter for 5E

In this encounter for a party of any level, the characters encounter a group of traveling kobolds E28093 or other E2809CmonstrousE2809D creatures of your choice E28093 trying to stop their carriage from sinking into a pit of unnatural quicksand. As the kobolds cry for help, it is up to the characters whether theyE28099ll put aside their possible biases and misconceptions and aid the creatures.

This encounter can be purely social or spiced up with combat in the form of Darksand Maggots (CR 2), which have the potential to swarm the caravan. The Darksand itself presents a challenging obstacle, as the unnatural quicksand-like substance feeds off of the vitality of living creatures in its clutches.

This encounter includes:

  • Darksand Disaster encounter PDF
  • Darksand Swamp Map (18×18) + 1 variant
  • Darksand Maggot (CR 2) statblock + VTT token
  • Kobold Sludge Slinger (CR 1/2) statblock + VTT token
  • Kobold Merchant E28094 Grat of the Uraijak Tribe + shop inventory
  • Scabbard of Luck magic item + handout card
  • Stink Bomb magic item + handout card

Download the entire encounter, including VTT maps, tokens, and handouts, now! (FREE)C2A0

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